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  • Limited Customers: As a business owner in Nigeria, you understand the struggle of generating quality leads that actually convert. You’ve tried various marketing tactics, but the results have been underwhelming. You’re left wondering how to attract and engage your target audience effectively.

  • Stagnant Customer Acquisition: You’ve been putting in the effort to acquire new customers, but it seems like an uphill battle. Your current strategies aren’t yielding the desired results, leaving you frustrated and unsure of how to effectively reach and engage potential customers in Nigeria’s competitive market.

  • Ineffective Digital Marketing Strategies: Keeping up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape is challenging. You’ve tried implementing digital strategies, but they haven’t delivered the expected outcomes. The lack of a well-defined digital marketing strategy and expertise is holding you back from maximizing your online presence.

  • Intense Competition: In Nigeria’s bustling business landscape, competition is fierce. You’re facing numerous competitors vying for the attention of your target audience. Standing out and effectively communicating your unique value proposition seems like an uphill battle, causing frustration and uncertainty.

  • Low Conversion Rates: You’ve invested time, effort, and resources into attracting leads, but converting them into paying customers remains a significant challenge. Your conversion rates are disappointingly low, leaving you puzzled about how to improve the user experience, address customer concerns, and effectively guide prospects through the buying journey.

We understand your pain. We combine our expertise in digital marketing with a deep understanding of the Nigerian market to help you overcome these challenges.

We have helped over 2500 BUSINESSES in NIGERIA increase sales and acquire new customers EVERYDAY with our digital strategies.


For the Privacy of our clients, we will use “Company A” and “Company B” to represent them.


“Company A” has been doing business in Nigeria for many years and have not been able to consistently get new customers and the business wasnt growing to the point they wanted it to grow to. They approached us to help them increase their sales and value in Nigeria.

We first analyzed their previous marketing patterns, we were able to diagnose what the issue was and we got to work immediately.

To help them achieve their goals, we developed a customised digital strategy that focused on web funnels and advertising. This strategy was designed to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and convert leads into paying customers.

We first analyzed their existing marketing efforts to identify areas that needed improvement. Based on this analysis, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan that included the following components:

  • Web Funnel Optimization: We created a new website that encouraged visitors to take action(Make a purchase). This involved creating landing pages, designing call-to-action buttons, and improving the overall design of the website.

  • Advertising: We designed and executed targeted advertising campaigns across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. These campaigns were designed to reach their target audience and generate leads.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting: We continuously monitored and analyzed the performance of their marketing campaigns. This allowed us to identify areas that needed improvement and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall effectiveness of the campaign.


The results of this strategy were impressive. Within just four months(August 1st 2021 – December 31st 2021) of implementing this digital strategy, Synecare Company saw a 80% increase in website traffic and a 60% increase in leads generated through the website. Additionally, the company saw a 45% increase in sales, which resulted in an overall increase in value.

Between January 1st 2022 – January 1st 2023, “Company A” received 3591 new Customers and 2524 of those new customers bought their product, which is 70% of the total customers received and made a revenue of 34,495,300 (Thirty Four Million, Four Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand, Three Hundred Naira), selling 6470 units of the product. as seen in the sales report attached above.

We spent ₦20,000 on advertising everyday for one year, thats a total of ₦7,300,000.


This is another company we have been working with for two years now. For confidentiality, we’d call this company “ALPHABET”

In Nigeria, Alphabet had been facing a tough time penetrating the market due to several factors, including intense competition, low brand awareness, and inadequate marketing strategies. To help Alphabet overcome these challenges and increase its sales and value in Nigeria, we proposed the following:

Strategic Advertising: We conducted extensive market research to identify the needs, preferences, and behavior of the target audience. Using this information, we developed a strategic advertising plan that focused on creating brand awareness, promoting Alphabet’s products and services, and building trust and credibility with the target audience. Our advertising strategy included social media advertising, search engine advertising, display advertising, and content marketing.

Video Production: We created compelling and informative videos that showcased Alphabet’s products and services, their unique features, and how they can benefit the target audience. Our video production team used state-of- the-art equipment and techniques to create high-quality videos that resonated with the target audience. We also optimized the videos for search engines and social media platforms to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Measurement and Analysis: We tracked and analyzed the performance of our advertising and video production efforts using key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement rates. This helped us identify what was working and what needed to be improved to ensure maximum ROI for Alphabet.

The results of our efforts were outstanding. Our strategic advertising and video production efforts helped Alphabet to increase its sales and value in Nigeria by 30% in just six months. We also helped Alphabet to establish a strong brand presence in the market, build trust and credibility with the ta

generate a significant amount of leads and conversions.

In 10 Months, Alphabet received 16988 new leads and closed 10319 of those leads, which is 61% of the total leads received and made a revenue of 194,802,750 (One Hundred and Ninety Four Million, Eight Hundred and Two thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira), selling 21,002 units of the product. as seen in the sales report attached above.

We spent ₦21,000,000 (Twenty One Million Naira) on advertising.